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Progress report on the Tintern Grammar Forward Strategy 2022 and beyond.

15 May marked the Tintern Grammar Board and Executive Planning Half-Day that occurs each May. During the day, the key point of business was to further clarify, and then accept in principle the progress and foundations of the 2022 and beyond Forward Strategy. This is a key step in confirming the direction the School will take over the next 5 to 10 years.

From August 2020, up to May 2021, there had been four Board, Executive and Senior Staff strategic planning sessions, the February Community Consultation Day involving approximately 70 parents, staff, alumni and current students, and the community survey sent out to over 2000 people in March. These have served to first generate proposed direction for the School, then to test the direction with our current and past community; first in a small group environment, and then using the findings from those workshops, to further test the proposed direction with the broader community by survey.

Two key things have emerged from the consultation phase. The first is that the Tintern Grammar community, past and present, are remarkably aware of the need to look to an education beyond the ATAR. There was certainly acknowledgement of the link between ATAR and immediate post-school opportunities, and a need to provide excellent learning and teaching to ensure students can reach their potential in this area. But what was also clearly and widely recognised was the need to engender values, emotional and social awareness, and attitudes around confidence and resilience, to support future success. Also noted repeatedly was the critical importance of developing broader dispositions around confidence, considered risk-taking and an attitude of enterprise in the living of one’s life. These attitudes coming from an independent school community represent a significant shift from even 10 years age, and certainly reflect the views of well-regarded leaders in education.

The second very notable point was the degree of alignment of our community. The fundamental intentions of the strategy that the Board, Executive and others developed through those first four sessions were very strongly supported on the Community Consultation Day. That day’s outcomes further enhanced those intentions, which were then very strongly supported in the community responses to the survey.

The clear message to me was one of very strong community alignment in what all we feel are the cornerstones of an excellent contemporary education and this has given me, and the Tintern Grammar Board, great confidence to press on, knowing we have that support.

As a result, the progress and foundations of the Forward Strategy were endorsed by the Board on 15 May, and further work will now be undertaken to flesh out the strategy ahead of its public release, anticipated to be October this year. I am very excited by the direction of the School and I know the Board are too. It is rewarding to be confident that the community are right behind this direction too!

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Brad Fry




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