From the Head of Senior College

With all Senior College year levels now being involved in final examinations, there is a clear and total focus on academic studies at this time of year. Most Year 12 VCE students have now finished their final examinations as have many Year 12 IB students. Following the completion of the final Year 12 examinations we have our Valedictory Dinner at Leonda by the River on Tuesday 22 November.

Co-curricular Leaders 2017

At our most recent Principal’s Assembly on Friday 4 November I had the great of announcing the following current Years 11 and 10 students as our Co-curricular Leaders for 2017. On behalf of the School Community, I congratulate all of these students and wish them all the best in undertaking leadership of the secondary sections of the School in these important roles.

Blood Bank Ambassadors:                                     Emma Maynard, Meg Swain, Joel Williams & Sabrina Wang

Debating Captains:                                                     Myles Carew, Jack Read & Ruby Wensor

Drama Captains:                                                           Rebecca Fitton & Eliza Mignot

Equestrian Captains:                                                 Eliza Harvey & Madi Jones

Mathematics Captains:                                            Emily Cowin & Josephine Owen

Music Captain – Choral:                                           Lovelyn Lim

Music Captain – Instrumental (Band):              Tiana McAsey

Music Captain – Instrumental (Orchestral):  Alison Yang

Outdoor Education Captain:                                  Emily Cowin & Erin Hynson

Pegasus/Campanile Captains:                               Daniella Cosentino, Caitlin Howley & Sabrina Wang

School Pianists:                                                               Molly Fleming & Steven Zhang

Science Captains:                                                          Ada Chen, Cassie Dods & Emily McLean

Social Justice Captains:                                             Emily McLean & Shobana Satkunarajah

Sport Captains:                                                              Joshua Anandaraj, Kirsty Clark, Lorna Clark & Jamie O’Hare

Sustainability & Environment Captain:          Sabrina Wang

Visual Arts & Design Captains:                            Abbey Johnson, Meg Swain & Amber Zhang

Young Farmers Captain                                           Maya Watt




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