From the Head of Senior College

As is referred to in the articles written by the Senior College Year Level Co-ordinators, many Year 12 students have commenced their final examinations already and our remaining Year 12 students and our Years 10 and 11 students will shortly commence their examinations.

It is thus a timely reminder for all Senior College students and their families to be aware of the advice we provide on sensible and successful study habits in our Senior College Handbook, as follows:

Study Hints – Practical Study Suggestions for all Students

Conditions for Study

  • Adequate light, ventilation, heat/cooling and space
  • Use of a consistent workplace
  • Sitting on a comfortable chair at a desk or table, not on the floor
  • Keeping both noise and visual distractions to a minimum
  • Working while you are fresh


  • Physical fitness is important in order to work well
  • Nutritious food, exercise and leisure are essential
  • Adequate sleep is a must


  • Plan your study time; not only WHEN you will study, but WHAT & HOW you will study
  • Work out a study timetable, allotting time so that each subject is well covered – this will overcome the tendency to spend too much time on any one subject at the expense of others
  • Do not sit down to study and then try to decide what you will do – this is a sure way of wasting valuable time; plan beforehand
  • Break study time into blocks allowing for 5 – 10 minutes break after each hour
  • Use an efficient reading method, for example the SQ3R – survey, question, read, recall, review

It is the expectation that all Tintern Grammar Senior College students are consistently working across the year towards improving their academic achievement level to achieve to their very best at all times. Clearly at this time of year we expect all students to be focussing on their academic studies.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation of our Years 10 and 11 students who have been very mindful of the Year 12 students commencing their final examinations and have kept noise in the Anderson Centre to a bare minimum.




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