From the Head of Senior College

Celebration Evening

As has been previously mentioned, our Celebration Evening was indeed a wonderful celebration of all the wonderful achievements of our secondary students from Years 7 – 12 and in particular a wonderful farewell for this year’s Year 12 class of 2016. I know that many of the families who attended felt that this year’s Celebration Evening was most certainly one of the very best we have had. I would have to agree that items such as: the Combined Orchestras’ performance of Carmen Vitae; the combined Choir performance of Mozart’s Laudate Dominum, with its fabulous solo by Heidi Ruckert; and, the School Musical cast singing the rousing signature song Oklahoma!, would all qualify as highlights of the evening.

On behalf of all members of the Tintern Grammar Community I would like to congratulate all students who were recognised with awards and I am delighted to publish the names of those students who received “Special School Awards” – the recipients of these awards are not shown in the program as we keep these awards as closely guarded “secrets” until they are announced on the evening.

Special School Awards

June Ward Trophy for Commitment to Sport – Madeleine Wright, Year 12

Pinnacle Trophy for Commitment to Sport – Corey Robinson, Year 12

Sylvia Walton Trophy for Excellence in Sport – Gary Haasbroek, Year 12

The Pierre De Coubertin Award for Olympism – Anjali Lobo, Year 12

The Mei Lyn Wong Award for the Dux of the School, 2015 – Stefani Sharp, Year 12 2015

Elizabeth Ann Walker Art Award – Aimee Bush, Year 11

The Helen Neyland ICT Award – Natasha Bigg-Wither, Year 11

The Young Farmer’s Award – Daisy McMillan, Year 11

The Friends of Young Farmers’ Award (The David Wilkinson Award) – Maya Watt, Year 11

The Tintern Parent’s Group Awards – Jake Hill & Tamara Molnar of Year 12

The Marisa Sibson Award – Nikki Cazaz, Year 11

The Lyn Bartold Performing Arts Award – Ryan Tierney, Year 12

The Friends of Music Award – Corey Robinson, Year 12

Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards – Victor Tran, Year 10 and Genevieve Barclay, Year 12

The International Students Awards – Bill Chen & Fei Wang, Year 12

School Awards – Nick Elliott, Anna Harvey, Rhys Kaigg, Heidi Ruckert & Sam Sharwood, all of Year 12

The Caltex All-Rounder Award – Corey Robinson, Year 12

The Wendy McComas Award – Rachael Merritt, Year 12

The Chairman’s Awards – Anjali Lobo & Rory Shepherd, both of Year 12

The Emma B Cook Award – Genevieve Barclay, Year 12  

The Sylvia Walton Award – jointly to Michael D’Addazio & Ryan Tierney, both of Year 12

Student Leadership Team for 2017

I first take this opportunity to thank our School Captains, Vice-Captains, School Leaders, International Student Leaders and House Captains for 2016. They have all worked wonderfully together and we are thankful for their many contributions to the School.

At Celebration Evening the new Senior Student Leadership teams for 2016 were announced to the audience and I have great pleasure in publishing their names below:

House Captains, 2017

Butterss/Cross: Caleb Fitzpatrick & Amy Richardson

Dann/Watt: Karly Rosenbrock & Nick Spencer

Gordon/Grant: Nick Harrison & Chloe Pearce-Schmidt

Mansfield/McKie: Daniel Smith & Lucy Wheeler

Somner/Stewart: Robyn Dolphin & Mackenzie Smead   

International Student Leaders, 2017: Eddie Wang & Vicky Wang

School Leaders 2017: Adele Bicknell, Patrick Kenna, Daisy McMillan, Jayan Pillay & Grace Power

School Vice–Captains 2017: Mitchell Lacey & Louise Smith

School Captains 2017: Sienna Gerin & Angus Maynard

Co-Curricular Leadership Positions

Year 11 students have recently been given the opportunity to apply for the various available positions of Co-Curricular Leadership and I will publicise the names of successful applicants towards the end of this term when decisions have been made.




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