From the Head of Senior College

Year 12 Subjects – Practice/”Mock” Examinations

A final reminder to all Year 12 students and families and all Year 11 students undertaking a Year 12 subject and their families that it is crucial for students to attend the Practice/”Mock” examinations which are scheduled for the week commencing Monday 26 September – the second week of the Term 3 holidays.  Please note that there are scheduled examinations on the public holiday prior to Grand Final Day – Friday 30 September.  Students will have received the schedule for these practice examinations from their program co-ordinator – Mrs Brotchie our IB Co-ordinator and Mr Cho, our VCE/VET Co-ordinator and should advise these staff if any re-scheduling is required. The practice/mock examinations crucially enable students to experience first-hand the conditions, examination length and standard of questions that will occur in the final external examinations which are scheduled roughly a month later. Feedback from subject teachers will be available in the first week of Term 4. 

School Holidays

As we commence our Term 3 holidays it is timely to remind all Senior College year levels that this time provides and opportunity for students (and staff) to “recharge the batteries”, catch up on sleep and spend some time relaxing before the final term commences. For Year 12 students, in particular, the holiday break is effectively only one week with the scheduled “Mock”/Practice examinations as outlined above occurring in the second week. Certainly during the first week of the holidays it is crucial to, at the very least, ensure that some opportunities for relaxation are enjoyed before more intense study time “kicks in”.

School Uniform

With the commencement of Term 4 on Tuesday 4 October we move into that part of the school year when full summer uniform is required. The exception to this being any special more formal celebration days when full Winter Uniform is officially specified. Families are asked to assist the School by ensuring that the above uniform requirements are met.

My best wishes for an enjoyable holiday time to all students and staff. We look forward to greeting all students back on Tuesday 4 October.  Please note we commence this first day back at 8.30am with a practice for our Massed Singing Celebration Evening item.





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