From the Head of Senior College

Term 3 Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

Over the last two weeks three evenings of student-parent-teacher conferences were scheduled for families of students across Years 7 – 12: Tuesday 23 August, Wednesday 24 August and Wednesday 31 August. My thanks go to the families who attended these interviews which are focussed on the crucial three-way working partnership between students, teachers and parents as well as providing opportunities for students to reflect, on their progress and set future goals. I am aware that a small number of staff were unable to attend their scheduled interviews due to illness; those families who had any subject interviews cancelled can expect the relevant staff member(s) to make contact within the final two weeks of Term 3.

Practice/”Mock” Examinations

A reminder to all Year 12 students and families and all Year 11 students who are undertaking a Year 12 subject and their families that it is crucial for students to attend the Practice/”Mock” examinations which are scheduled for the week commencing Monday 26 September – the second week of the Term 3 holidays. Please note that there are scheduled examinations on the public holiday prior to Grand Final Day – Friday 30 September. Students will have received the schedule for these practice examinations from the program co-ordinator – Mrs Brotchie our IB Co-ordinator and Mr Cho, our VCE/VET Co-ordinator and should advise them if any re-scheduling is required. The practice/mock examinations crucially enable students to experience first-hand the conditions, examination length and standard of questions that will occur in final examinations scheduled for roughly a month later. Feedback from subject teachers will be available in the first week of Term 4.

Celebration Evening

In the coming week, Year 12 families will be advised when tickets for Celebration Evening (scheduled for Monday 10 October at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University) will be specifically made available for them. The first release of tickets is strictly for Year 12 families. Families of other year level students will subsequently be informed of the date when tickets become available for them.

School Uniform

As of Thursday 1 September we are at that part of the school year when students have the option of either wearing their full Summer Uniform OR their full Winter Uniform. This is the case until the end of Term 3, after which full Summer Uniform must be worn through Term 4 – the exception being special event days when full Winter Uniform may be officially specified. Families are asked to assist the School by ensuring that the above uniform requirements are met.

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