From the Head of Senior College

Interim Reports and Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

A reminder to all Senior College (and Middle School) families that our student-parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday 23 August, Wednesday 24 August and Wednesday 31 August; with interviews available between the hours of 4 – 8pm in the CM Wood Centre  on each of these days. We recommend that students should attend these interviews as part of the crucial three-way working partnership that exists between students, teachers and parents with the aim of enabling students to be empowered by opportunities to reflect, receive and give feedback and thus set learning goals.

Interim reports and the option to book interviews are now open to parents and the Interview Portal will close for bookings at 10am on the particular day of each of the three scheduled student-parent-teacher conferences. Please be aware that teachers have the opportunity via the Interim Reports to indicate that they are requesting an interview.

Concerto Showcase

On Thursday 18 August I had the absolute pleasure to be a member of the audience for our Concerto Showcase which featured our four finalists performing with the Concerto Orchestra and was hosted by Eliza Mignot. Our featured solo artists were: Holly Fryer of Year 10 (Flute) playing Movement 1 from the Flute Concerto in E Minor by Mercadante; Alison Yang of Year 11 (Piano) playing Movement 3 from Piano Concerto No. 2 by Beethoven; Alan Wu of Year 12 (Piano) playing Movement 2 from Piano Concerto No 2 by Saint-Saens; and, Clarisse Liew of Year 8 (Violin) playing Movement 3 from Concerto No. 9 by De Beriot.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance and was of a particularly high standard. Whilst the focus of the Concerto Concert was undoubtedly the four soloists, the ongoing depth of talent and commitment of so many other students who were part of the Concerto Orchestra to support their peer soloists, as well as the high standard of Music instruction and inspiration provide by our Music staff at Tintern Grammar were all clearly evident.


Many students and a number of staff members have been ill in the last few weeks with respiratory infections and I therefore take the opportunity to remind all families that if your daughter or son is experiencing a bout of illness it may be prudent both for their own health, as well as for the health of others in the Senior College community, to allow them a few days at home to recuperate. Whilst there may be obvious concerns regarding missed class time, it is often true that a day or so at home resting will in the long term be more beneficial for a quick recovery than prolonging an illness by being “out and about”.

Celebration Evening, 2016

Your daughter/son may well be letting you know that this year’s Massed Singing medley for Celebration Evening is proving particularly enjoyable and our practices on various Wednesday mornings have been highlights for many students and staff. It is timely for me to remind all families to “save the date” for Celebration Evening on Monday 10 October at Robert Blackwood hall, Monash University – this is one of two compulsory attendance events in our School Calendar.

With kind regards to all,




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