From the Head of Senior College

From the commencement of Semester 2, our Senior College Year Level Co-ordinators, Pastoral Mentors and subject teachers have been reminding students of three specific goals: firstly, to focus on their academic performance and thus do their best at all times; secondly, to be mindful of the Schools’ values in respecting the diversity of our community and the feelings of others at all times, and thus to be the best person they can be at all times; and, thirdly, to focus on their own personal appearance in their school uniforms and thus to look the best they can at all times and thereby show respect both to themselves and to the School.

School Uniform

In terms of School Uniform it is thus timely to remind families and students of the Winter Uniform requirements, as follows. A more complete policy has been sent to families and advised to students at the start of the year.

  • Apart from inter-school and recreational sports days or House Sports days, the School Blazer is the outer garment to be worn to and from school during the Winter season
  • On inter-school sports and recreational sports days only, students are expected to wear full correct sports uniform to and from school
  • On House Sports days students are expected to wear full correct sports uniform to and from school to which they may add appropriate articles in House colours
  • In winter months blue school tracksuit pants should be worn – leggings must not be worn to and from school
  • The navy blue Senior College jumper may be worn by Years 10 – 12 students (Year 12 students may instead wear their Year 12 jumper), but jumpers are never to be worn as the outer garment to and from school
  • All students are to be wearing ties in Winter; ties must be done up correctly
  • Long hair is to be tied back
  • Shirts are to be tucked in
  • Girls winter skirts must be worn to an appropriate length, combined with dark blue tights or full length dark blue hose
  • Boys should be wearing long pants
  • Scarves, if worn, should be navy blue

In terms of respecting diversity, we commenced our Term 3 Principal’s Assembly with the Theme of our Diverse World and were delighted to hear wonderful presentations from our two International Student Leaders, Bill Chen and Fei Wang

Whilst academically all Senior College students have been given time to reflect on their Semester 1 reports with a view to ensuring that they improve their performance, in keeping with their own individual talents and strengths. Apart from providing the important teacher feedback, the Semester 1 reports have provided the opportunity for students to recast or reconfirm goals for Semester 2.

On Wednesday 20 July, I was delighted to see so many Year 10 and Year 9 students and their parents at our Subject Showcase Evening on Wednesday 20 July at which all of our Year 11 subject offerings were outlined. I remind all students that their online subject choices for 2017 are to be submitted no later than Sunday 31 July and that the 2017 Senior College Subject Course Guide is available online on the Portal.

With kind regards to all,




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