From the Head of Senior College

Term 2 is well underway, and as we near the end of Semester 1 students across Year 10 and 11 are undertaking their first examinations for 2018, while Year 12s have been undertaking assessments and are preparing for the GAT. During this busy time for students, families and teachers, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and perhaps overlook the things we need to do to keep balance and perspective in our lives. It can also be easy to underestimate the support we can offer to each other through a few kind words or a small gesture of assistance or understanding. As we start winter and the final two weeks of school I would encourage students to live by the Year 12 Class of 2018 motto of “Stay positive. Work hard. Make it happen.”

School Uniform

As all families and students would be aware we have now officially entered the winter season for school uniform and thus, apart from “free dress” days and days when particular year groups may wear full sports uniform, winter uniform is required every day, including to all examinations.

The GAT – Wednesday 13 June

All Year 12 students and all Year 11 VCE students who are completing a Unit 3/4 subject this year will be sitting the GAT (General Achievement Test) – a state-wide 3-hour test of general knowledge and skills which runs from 10am to 1.15pm and is scheduled for next Wednesday 13 June. There will be no Periods 1 – 3 classes for these students on this day.

Year 11 IB students will have their usual Periods 1 – 3 classes; Year 11 VCE students who are not completing a Unit 3/4 subject this year will have a study day and may elect to work in the school library or at home.

Students undertaking the GAT are required to meet Mr Andrew Cho (VCE and VET Co-ordinator) in the Anderson Centre at 9.00am on the day to check the seating plan and to allow sufficient time for staff to organise the large number of students who will be sitting the GAT in accordance with VCAA regulations.

Key points for students sitting the GAT to remember include:

  • Photo ID is required and this may be a school card or driver’s licence or learner’s permit
  • No electronic equipment is permitted
  • An English or bilingual dictionary is acceptable but not one with a thesaurus (no highlighting, annotations or tabs are allowed)
  • No electronic dictionary 
  • Blue or black pen must be used for the writing task
  • Pencil to be used in the multiple choice section
  • All writing materials, eraser and sharpener to be kept in a clear bag
  • No white out is permitted
  • Water bottles must be clear, have labels removed and be no larger than 1.5L
  • No eating is permitted but medication is allowed with special permission – asthma inhalers are an exception




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