From the Director of IB

On Thursday 15 February Mr Brad Fry, Mr Geoff Connor, Mr Jason McManus and I attended the International Baccalaureate Diploma Awards Ceremony at Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne.

This is an annual event which honours those IB students in Victoria and Tasmania who achieve IB scores of 40 and above. The fact that such a result is honoured by a ceremony indicates the magnitude of these students’ achievements. Tintern Grammar students Madison Button, Anjali Lobo and Keely McGovern were recipients of awards at this year’s ceremony.

The evening was well attended by past students, their families and staff members from all participating schools. Dr Marcia Behrenbruch, Development Manager, Australasia, International Baccalaureate Organisation, delivered a message of congratulations to the IB graduates. She stated that the IB seeks to help students to see that others with differences can also be right. The IB teaches about different perspectives and the importance of inclusivity. There is focus on the concept of agency – empowering people to make a difference. This occurs at three levels – students, teachers and schools; with the latter being the agency of a community, all of which aims to make a better, more peaceful world. This might sound like a high-minded ideal, but Dr Behrenbruch showed how the discussion of ideas and concepts, often with those who are not like-minded, requires open-mindedness, some risk taking and reflection, and can lead to respect for others’ views. Her comments gave pause for thought and they reinforced the great value of the Diploma Programme.

Tintern Grammar has been running the IB Diploma Programme for 25 years, with great success. It is an important part of our culture as well as a highly desirable academic pathway in Years 11 and 12. We regularly have our past IB students return to the school to speak at information nights and assemblies where they remark upon the many benefits of the programme which include excellent preparation for university study and life. An IB Information Evening will be held late in Term 2.

by Mrs Nola Brotchie, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator



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