Final Day

Thursday the 8th was the final day for all students. The day began with a short gathering in the Middle School building to brief the boys on what was ahead of them. A number of awards were presented such as our Factis Non-verbis for Term 4, Environmental Awards and a Science Crest Award.

The Combined Middle Schools assembly was next which included the graduation of our Year 9 cohort as well as a number of our special awards. This year Matt Evans was awarded the Endeavour Award for 2016 and Sahan Kaluarachchi was presented with the prestigious JP Masters Award.

Before lunch we had our annual Southwood Ironman competition which this year included the introduction of the girls competing as well. This was a wonderful event that was made so much better by the fact that the girls were there to compete and to cheer everyone on. It involved competitors crawling under tight nets, weaving in and out posts, carrying tyres, crawling through a mud/water pit, sliding down a 20 metre slip and slide, and even more importantly having a lot of fun. Eventual winners for each year level were Johan Fleming (Yr 7), Paul Haasbroek (Yr 8) and Ben Rudd (Yr 9).

The final part of the day was a boys Prep to 9 assembly run by Mr Kenny in the Southwood Centre. This was a great way to say good bye to our boys and wish them well over the coming holidays and festive season.





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