Farm Delight!

Thursday lunchtimes are an opportunity for girls from Years 3 – 6 to visit the Tinternwood Farm and enjoy all the myriad of learning opportunities it has to offer. A very interested group stroll down the hill while still munching their lunch. The casual conversation usually involves what we may see or do when we arrive, as well as taking in the glorious surrounds and views along the way.

Last Semester we enjoyed picking and eating thornless blackberries which have a most magnificent taste, heightened by the warmth of the midday sun. Learning a little more about rhubarb and picking some stalks to take home was a favourite for some. Some girls even tried eating the figs and feijoas, although most agreed they must be an acquired taste. Collecting eggs and gaining more confidence in handling chooks is always a popular activity. Saying hello to Ollie, the Maremma Sheepdog who guards the flock is usually the first stop at the farm. Patting the sheep and wondering about their ever increasing size is an option each visit. With assistance from the older secondary girls, some of the younger girls have volunteered to lead the sheep on a halter. We were also fortunate to be at the farm on the day the shearer was shearing and were able to give great encouragement for his skill in handling the sheep so deftly while removing its fleece.

by  Helen Kirkland, Lunchtime Farm Coordinator



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