Farewelling our Year 12 Girls

On Wednesday our Prep-Year 12 Girls and staff joined together for a wonderful assembly to recognise, congratulate and celebrate the Year 12 Girls as they come to the end of their school journey. During the assembly we heard reflections from Erin Jones, Bella Smith and Rachel Rees about their experiences at Tintern and we enjoyed looking at a slideshow that showcased 13 years of memories. Our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 girls presented the Year 12 girls with a card and our Junior School Captains Holly Whitfield and Alana Lawson spoke on behalf of the Junior School in wishing the Year 12s the best for their exams and future. Prior to our girls singing their School song, Mrs Naomi Baulch (Head of Geography and Tintern ‘Old Girl’) spoke with great passion about what the School song and motto ‘Deeds not Words’ means to her. Her speech is below: 


When Ms Constable suggested that I introduce the school song, she asked me to reflect on what the school motto and song mean to me as an “old girl”.

For me, Factis non Verbis is almost a mantra for living. I believe it means that rather than just being a spectator or commentator on life, you step up to the challenges and enjoy life to the full. Words are flippant, given easily and often without consequence. Deeds are proven application. If you see something that needs to be done, be the person to take meaningful action.

The school song represents everything strong, powerful young women stand for. It’s a sense of community, while you are at school and all the years past that, believing in yourself, knowing that others have done it before you and understanding that with hard work there is nothing you can’t achieve. To me it’s a song that encourages forward thinking and challenges every girl to be the best they can be, to strive for excellence and believe in oneself. It’s also a song about pride in the history you are a part of and the futures you are going to create.

I’m north of 40, so next year will be 25 years since I left school! In that time over 2000 Year 12 girls have graduated and sung this song. Believe me this is not the last time! You will sing this at every reunion, gathering, 21st, engagement, wedding, baptism and sometimes sadly even at funerals. The school song is the link that ties us as generations of Tintern Girls across time and space.

So sing it with pride girls and go out into the world as participators, not spectators.

by Naomi Baulch, Head of Geography




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