Farewell to Papa T

As the school year draws to a close, we must farewell our Chaplain, Father Taplin. Stewart Taplin commenced at Tintern in January 1994, accepting the position of School’s Chaplain and teacher of Outdoor Education. In his 22 years at Tintern he has taught Outdoor Education and Religion Studies across the secondary section of the school, including undertaking delivery of the VCE Units 3/4 Outdoor Education teaching program this year when the School was faced with a staffing dilemma.

Utilising his expertise in Outdoor Education, Stewart has been heavily involved in the camps program across the secondary school and in particular at Year 9 he has been committed annually to the three elements of the camps program: in February/March – pastoral Bush Walk Camps at Wilsons Promontory; in August – the Winter Activities camp week; and, in late November – the Summer Expeditions week.

Stewart has been a strong supporter of co-curricular activities across all sections of the school, showing an enormous commitment in attending as many Concert, Music, Art and House events as he physically possible.

In the same way, Stewart has provided chaplaincy across the entire School to students, staff and the wider Tintern Schools community. He has readily made himself available for counselling, baptisms, marriages and funerals and has been a confidante and source of strength to many in the community in times of need.

Stewart, or “Papa T”, as he has been affectionately known by the students over many years, is deeply admired by his peers and by all students. In his retirement, he will be greatly missed by all members of the community.

 Please see the link from 1994, when Stewart first commenced at the school. Stewart Taplin 1994 commencement




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