Farewell Messages to the Year 12s

After attending the final assembly for the Year 12 students, the Year 3 class returned to the classroom and discussed what it must be like to be finished with formal schooling. Year 3 students reflected on the emotions expressed at the final assembly and were inspired to write a few words to farewell the Year 12s.

This year’s graduating class has a special meaning for me. Some of the girls were in my first Year 6 class in 2011 here at Tintern. It is evident they are still their gorgeous selves with their divine personalities and character traits – just as I remember them. But they are wiser, mature and so much more sophisticated. I look forward to hearing of their journey beyond as they go forth towards “the horizon quivering with potential”. I also look forward to knowing them now as young adults.

Below are the farewell messages from Year 3 students:

Pick a path and follow it. If there is a wall, try to get around it. Be a good leader for all. Best wishes, Matilda Robson

I wish you all the best and you keep all your friends from Tintern Grammar. Always remember to pursue your dreams, you have been great role models. We would love you to visit us. Best wishes, Sidonie Keogh

I wish you all the very best of your entry into the new world ahead. I wish for you whatever you want. Make sure you come back often to see us at Tintern Grammar. With love from Isabella Di Felice  P.S. Go Tintern

Always remember to follow your own path. Never let anything get in your way. The world doesn’t always have to be the same you could be the one to change it. Etienne Meddings

I hope your journey through the world is full of positive wonder. Please always remember us. You have been great role models to us. Continue to follow your dreams. Love Amelie Scherer

We will miss you so much! Always remember to follow your dreams!! We wish you the very best I wish for you whatever you want! Love Loullwa Taher  P.S GO TINTERN!!!!!!

Come back to Tintern to visit us with stories of your journeys beyond our school gates. I wish you all the very best. You will always be our role models. Love Emmy Zhou

Wishing you all the best as you collect your dreams – big or small. Be confident as you venture into the big wide world as an independent person. Follow your dreams. Best wishes, Leia Tian-Yi Yeoh P.S Go… Yr 12’s!!!

You’re the butterfly coming out of the cocoon about to explore the world. Please remember to come back to tell us about your adventures. Love from Zara Cuthbert.

I wish you all the very best. Don’t give up on your dreams. With love, Claudia Murdoch

Dear Year 12s. Safe travels and happy holidays! When the road is windy and your journey becomes bumpy – you may fall but you can pick yourself up and start again. Anika Hutchinson

Dear Year 12. You are a like a baby bird again – about to go into the world. Have lots of fun and remember to follow your dreams. Hannah Renouf

I hope you follow your dreams and go beyond where you are now. You will thrive at your goals and you will explore the world. Now find a path and follow it to your career. Live the best life you can live. Isabel Pham

I wish you the best. Now you don’t have homework – hooray for you! I hope you don’t fail your driver’s test! Go out into the world and make it a better place. Love from Taneisha Jamieson. Remember – Go Tintern!

I wish you all the best. Remember to never give up on your dreams.  With love Maddie Jennings  Go Tintern!

by Karen Dang, Girls’ Year 3 Teacher



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