End of Year Program

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On Wednesday to Friday of last week we trialled a new end of year program (EYP) for our Year 7 & 8 students. The EYP ran as a House competition where each House worked together through a series of challenges and activities to gain points towards the House cup. Each house was randomly allocated a 1970’s sitcom such as ‘Happy Days’, ‘The Partridge Family’ and ‘Gilligan’s Island’. They were then set the task of researching all they could about the sitcom, the values it displayed, the key life lessons that it taught, the fashions involved and how their show compares to the values expressed in our current day tv shows. Each House then had to create a performance that reflected key elements of the show, and an item that was pivotal in the show. The students absolutely excelled at this task. Those with musical talents worked on performing the theme songs, others stepped up into acting roles and gave stellar performances of the key characters from each show.  We had a high level of creativity displayed through their models such as the partridge bus, a full sized juke box from Happy Days and a raft to help Gilligan escape.

Just to keep things interesting there was also some additional team building activities and physical challenges throughout the EYP to gain valuable house points and raise team spirits. There was also two philosophy lectures from Ms Anne Meredith on the ethics of space exploration and from Mr Brad Fry on the essence of leadership. The students then reflected on these lectures in their groups and competed with the other houses to answer some thought provoking questions. The students really embraced this program and connected well with the tasks which was reflected in the quality of their presentations. Congratulations to all Houses for your efforts and group work.

In particular congratulations to our winning Houses:

Girls – Mansfield/McKie

Boys – Gordon/Grant

Overall – Dann/Watt

Please click on the link below for examples of our end of year program projects.


by Liz Cutter, Year 8 Girls Level Co-ordinator






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