End of Year Program

If the Year 7 and 8 students had not heard of shows such as The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island or The Partridge Family, they certainly have since being part of the End of Year Program.

This inaugural program consisted of a combination of STEM activities, lectures, group projects sport activities and competition. Students had the opportunity to participate in construction, drama, public speaking, research and music activities. The days were packed full of activity attending lectures (‘Space Exploration’ – Anne Meredith; ‘Leadership The A, The B and The C – Brad Fry), the Chickpea Challenge, Balloon Towers and the Hanging Basket Challenge. These events took place between preparation for the House Sitcom Project; each House was assigned one of five different 1960-70s Sitcoms. The students researched their sitcom according to specified requirements, prepared a drama, construction and a song and performed this to the audience and judges on Friday afternoon. Overall this was a most successful three days of life-skills.

by Anthea Watkins, Horizon Centre Co-ordinator



2023 Term Dates