Explorer’s day

On Tuesday 26th March the Year 3s and 4s spent a day as Explorers. We went down to the farm and met some Year 9 and 10 helpers and our partners. My partner was Elijah and our helper was Chev.

We started to put up our tents and we were one of the first to finish so we had a chance to relax a little bit. Then Mrs Sparkes yelled, “Coo-eee”. That meant we had to go over to her. Mrs Sparkes said, “Let’s go find some sticks for the damper.” So off we went for some sticks. I found two good sticks so I gave one to Aaron.

Next we went inside and made some damper. When we were finished we wrapped the damper around a stick and started to cook the damper over the fire. My damper was undercooked so I had to cook it some more. Eventually it was right and it tasted pretty good.

Next we went on a treasure hunt. We got into our groups and my leader was Emily. We started at a bridge and we found our first clue was where the paths met. It was great fun!

Mr Bonnyman suddenly announced sadly, “I’m sorry boys but all our lunches were stolen by cheeky animals!” Fortunately we learned that an earlier party had buried some food somewhere west of the bridge. It was just like the Burke and Wills story. Brady found the food and we made stew and billy tea. I didn’t try the stew but I tried the tea. The billy tea was really beautiful.

We then had lunch and took a piece of charcoal and paper and we drew some plants. We had to write down some things that involved nature. I teamed up with Brady.

Now it was time to go home. I had a fantastic time down at the farm.

by Nicholas Waddington, Year 4



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