Year 9 English Incursion Report

On the 25th of May Year 9 students attended an incursion on the Making of a Magazine as part of our study of magazines in English.

The incursion was presented by Ms Emma Hughes , an ex-magazine publishing worker, who spoke to us about her experience working for Pacific Magazine, which published magazines including “Girlfriend”, “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Men’s Health”.

We were given an insight on the complicated process which every company goes through in order to put just one image on a page, and learnt about how everything on the magazines are deliberately placed there to appeal to certain audiences.

During the seventy five minute hour presentation we partook in activities such as ‘Designing an advert for a certain product’ and ’analyzing what audience a certain magazine was designed to be appealing for’.

Though every piece of information presented was invaluable, the one message that I walked out with was that we can’t believe anything we see in a magazine as they have probably been heavily photo-shopped.

by Ron Chen, Year 9



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