ELC Olympics – a great success!

Last week the ELC children enjoyed the ELC Olympics. Over the past few weeks both staff and children have worked hard to prepare for this event. The Olympics have provided many learning experiences covering a wide range of teaching points. Preparatory discussions have included the many and varied Olympic sports, healthy eating, staying hydrated, getting a good night’s sleep, training hard, striving to do the best you can do, being a good winner and coping with disappointment.

This final point was perhaps the most pertinent for our young learners. It was a conscious decision for us as educators to offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing rather than giving a medal to all children as is so often the way these days. We did not take this decision lightly and knew that for this to be a success much work was required. For the 4 weeks leading up to the event, educators and children engaged in many discussions about attitude and effort, the importance of trying your best and enjoying yourself, and how to be strong and resilient in the face of disappointment. The children also helped each other learn about what to do when you don’t win and the importance of shaking hands and saying ‘good game!’. As a group of educators we were so proud of the 70 children who not only showed pride and joy in their own experience, but came together as a group of respectful young people to celebrate the success of others.

Preparing for the ELC Olympics and learning about the country they represented also enabled conversations about the wider world in which we are all a part; that being a member of a community is something to be celebrated, as are the similarities and differences between those communities. We will continue exploring these themes throughout Term 3 and into Term 4.

All in all, the 2016 Olympics has been an exciting time! Thank you the parents who helped out and came to watch and cheer- we were so happy and impressed with the large turnout. For more photos please see the ELC portal page.

by Wendy Oates and Amanda Cooke (ELC Coordinator)

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