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A Reflection of Learning in the Early Learning Centre

As we delve into Week Six of an online program in the Early Learning Centre (ELC), we can only appreciate the huge curriculum change that the students have undergone in their early years learning. With the majority of children moving to online learning and the children onsite in the ELC, making the change to the single class and to their class teacher.

We recognise their individual achievements as they approach their new style of learning with confidence and the increasing capacity for self-regulation during the changes that they have experienced. Not only do they display a quiet resilience but they demonstrate the confidence to cope with change. They have been positively receptive, opening themselves to new opportunities and continue to strive for excellence with their learning.

The children who have been attending the ELC in person have developed a closeness, strengthening their connection with a range of educators. They have built bonds with children from other classes and experienced the benefits of a mixed age curriculum.

One of the most exciting changes we have seen within the ELC has been the Pre-Prep students leading the play with the Early Learners, and Early Learners benefiting from peer support from the older children. However, all of the children are learning at an individual pace to reach their full potential.

As we reflect upon the positivity of our youngest learners, we can only marvel at their excitement and enthusiasm to learn not only at home but through our Zoom meetings. These have easily been, not only their favourite part of their day, but that of the educators too. Zoom has its advantages as a teaching medium, with us seeing children are coming out of their shell more and advocating for their learning. As the weeks progressed, we have seen their independence and confidence grow with using the new-found technology along with their love for muting and un-muting themselves, setting their screen names and adding emojis to the screen.

While the loss of the physical connection with peers and teachers filled us with trepidation, it has brought about an unexpected truth.  Connecting remotely has allowed us to maintain, grow and strengthen our relationships and even add to the skill-set of our young learners and bringing us all closer together. More than ever, it has made us believe in the grit of students to face the challenges of this brave new world.



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