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Book Week in the ELC

Spend a day in the ELC and you will witness first hand how fundamental storytelling is to a child’s life. The ELC children share in rhymes, songs and stories throughout the day. They tell stories about the amazing places they have been and seen, of family or culture and it is who they are, what they believe in and what they know. The children use their imagination to change aspects of a familiar fairy tale or create a fictional word that allows them to problem-solve, hypothesise and test out future solutions.

Celebrated children’s author Dr Seuss summarises it best “The more you’ll read, the more things you’ll know, the more you learn, the more places you will go!

The children celebrated the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) 75th book of the year awards from 21 August to 27 August. Over the last term, Mrs Mars, our Library Specialist Teacher introduced the finalists of the CBCA’s Book of the Year – Early Childhood, to us during Library. We celebrated this annual event through classroom activities, both on site and online. The children read past winners of “Book of the Year – Early Childhood” in the classroom and online with our teachers and co-educators. We decorated bookmarks and crafted puppets from “Pirahnas don’t eat bananas” by Aaron Blabey. The children in the ELC enjoyed dressing up for Book Week and sharing their favourite characters with classmates. On the ELC Home Page on the Portal are the links to past winners of CBCA’s Book of the Year – Early Childhood, for you to share with your child.

Anita Mathews

Pre-Prep B Teacher



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