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Science Week in the ELC

2-6 August 2021

There is never a dull moment hosting Science Week in the ELC. Over the week we rotated a range of experiments for the youngest learners to engage with. Having a focus on Science for the whole week creates an opportunity for the ELC to not only get their hands dirty with science experiments, but it also allows children and educators to deepen their understanding about science.

During the ELC Science Week, we were lucky to welcome special guest scientist from the Senior School.  They brought along a range of experiments to demonstrate to the ELC children. The Science Captains very patiently taught the ELC children about magnetism, testing a range of objects to see if they were magnetic or not and the difference between wiring a light bulb in a parallel or series circuit. Their favourite experiment was the colour changing liquid with the Scientist secret potion, when the liquid was still it was clear and when agitated it turned purple. Is it magic? No, it’s SCIENCE!   

In the classrooms the children participated in a range of experiments, from colour changing experiments, to water density, to chemical change. The children had fun making skittle rainbows, mixing primary coloured playdough to make secondary colours, designing tinfoil boats to float, making lava lamps bubble and creating a walking rainbow with Texta’s and water.  The children expressed their delight in turning milk into ice cream by shaking it in a bag of ice mixed with rock salt, however I am not sure what was more fun shaking it or eating it?

We would like to say a BIG Thank You to the Science Captains for sharing their skills and knowledge about science with the ELC Children. I would like to think you have ignited a sense of curiosity in our students and perhaps we will see one of their faces as one of the Science Captains in the years to come.

Claire Trappitt

Pre-Prep A Teacher



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