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Learning Through Art

Creative arts cultivate children’s learning across many developmental domains, stimulating the mind and allowing flexibility in their thinking.  

In the Early Years art is considered as a vehicle for learning, it allows children to engage deeply with particular mediums, develop fundamental skills, or to learn a particular concept such as shape, symmetry or colour. Over Term Three, the ELC children have been delving into the world of arts, sparked by a simple curiosity from the children and developed into the program.

In the Early Learners, the children have been exploring colour and creative expression through painting. Children have innate curiosity and at times will paint without planning a destination or end point. Their ideas are in the moment, with no pre-conceived or pre-planned outcome. Their images are a true representation of their ideas and thoughts, in that particular moment of time.

As the children move into the Pre-Prep room, their creative exploration become more purposeful. They use art as a form of communication and they integrate a range of mediums in a single image, at times breaking conventional ‘rules’ of colour, contrast, dimension and imagery.

In Pre-Prep B, the children have used the medium of art to deepen their understanding of symmetry, their curiosity sparked from a butterfly they found in the playground. Initially the children marvelled at the patterns on the wings of the butterfly and as they looked closer, noticed the symmetry. From there they investigated other forms of symmetry in nature and then the human body.

In Pre-Prep A, the children have been using collage as a form of creative expression, learning about different art mediums and layering their images. The children expressed their desire to learn about creating images with shapes and researched artists that used collage as a form of expression. In the Early Years we present art projects as opportunities to learn new ideas and concepts. As we learnt more about Picasso Cubism’s movement the children were eager to develop artwork to communicate their interpretation of his work.

Art in the Early Years is a form of communication, as children openly express their knowledge about a particular image, or desire to learn a particular skill or concept. They will often convey their ideas and knowledge through art and use this area of curriculum to reflect upon their learning. Art allows the child to collaborate with others, realise new perspectives and connect through relationships.

Claire Trappitt

Pre-Prep A Teacher




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