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Happy Start to 2018.

The children in the three rooms have been enjoying getting to know their new classmates and teachers.

We are observing many positive happy friendships emerging.

They are also enjoying getting to know the beautiful environment on offer here at Tintern Grammar. Even on the super-hot days, the children are asking if they can go outside. The natural environment has led to many wonderful engaging play situations as the children dig for worms, go on a safari hunt and dig for treasure in the sandpit.

Inside the rooms, the staff are teaching the children about the expectations of the class and the children are learning about the new routines.

We hope that the timetable that came home, is of assistance when the children ask, “What am I doing today?” We also hope that the children are now developing independence in packing their bags each day and using the timetable as a checklist for what needs to be packed daily.

Some children can be upset about being left at school. The following are some tips that might help:

  • When you first arrive at school, assist your child with their daily routine jobs, Drink bottle to the trolley, record book away and bag into the locker. Then assist them to settle into a favourite activity such as play dough or block play. Engage with them for a few minutes.
  • Saying Goodbye: Be honest with your child and tell them that it is time for you to leave. Let them know that you will be back. Even though there may be a few tears, often when parents are out of sight children will settle happily into activities and the tears will ease.
  • It’s best to not drag out the goodbye as this often increases the separation anxiety.
  • Be positive and happy yourself. Children can sometimes sense when their parents are upset or worried and this might lead to an increase in their anxiety.
  • Feel free to call the School anytime to check on your child’s progress. Our staff will also call you should your child continue to be really upset and not able to settle.
  • All the staff at Tintern Grammar are committed to ensuring your child has happy experiences at school.

Most children settle after a few weeks. If you are concerned about your child’s separation anxiety, please speak to your teacher or Kristin De Vos, the ELC Co-ordinator.

by Kristin De Vos, ELC Co-Ordinator & Teacher



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