Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award MasterChef

There are currently five students (Emily Bizley, Erin Doupe, Bianca Gering, Madeleine Howell & Carly Wansbrough) in Year 9 who have chosen ‘cooking’ as their skill for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. On Monday 24 October, Ms Bortolussi and Mr Cho organised a Master Chef Session in the kitchens during lunch and utility. The girls had to decide on a recipe, bring all their ingredients to school and cook their chosen dish in the required time. They then had to plate up their food and present it to the Maintenance Department who were most appreciative of the delicious savoury and sweet treats provided by the girls. Mr Cho checked their preparation and cleaning up skills as well as taste testing everything for quality control purposes! Cooking is a great skill to learn and all girls have commented on how much they have improved their skills in this area. I am sure that their families are most appreciative as well. Below are some comments from the girls who participated.

By Ms Anne Bortolussi, Secondary Music Teacher

This year I am completing my Bronze Duke of Ed Award. We have to choose a physical, a skill, a community service and an adventurous journey. For my skill I chose cooking. I chose this because I love cooking for everyone around me and thought it would enable me to constantly cook and improve my food. My goal for cooking this year was to see how many dishes I could make that were different to experience a variety of foods.

I believe I have achieved this goal by changing or adding to recipes to observe any differences in taste. As many people chose to do cooking as their skill, we organised a little MasterChef session where everyone came and cooked a dish that was then served to the Maintenance Department.

The dishes that we served were chocolate mousse, both sweet and savoury scones, Monte Carlos, pizza twists and apricot and cranberry slice. I couldn’t choose a favourite dish as they were all different but delicious.

Throughout this year I have developed better skills at making sure all the measurements were right, and have been a bit creative where possible. I have enjoyed making the variety of dishes and look forward to taking my cooking to the next level.

By Carly Wansbrough 9A


I chose to do cooking as my skill for the Duke of Ed because I enjoy cooking but am not the best at it. Since choosing cooking as my skill, I feel that I have achieved my goal which was to improve my cooking skills. Throughout the six months that I have been cooking, I have been creating a meal one night a week, making dinner for my family. Some of my favourite dishes that I made during this time were fried rice with lemon chicken and a beef noodle stir fry. A skill that I have developed and improved on is being able to follow recipes correctly to prepare and cook a meal.

By Emily Bizley 9A


For my skills activity I chose cooking. This involved cooking a meal or a dish once a week for my family. Most of my dishes turned out really well because I followed the recipe. Occasionally the dishes could have been a bit better if I had let them cool down for longer, or waited until they were meant to be pulled out of the oven. My favourite dishes were san choy bow and veggie stir fry because they were quick to make and tasted delicious. My least favourite thing I made was probably the melting moment biscuits because they didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped they would and were more like yoyo biscuits. I am now vegetarian and have been for a few months. This has only impacted on some dishes I have cooked but I simply make them without the meat. I chose to cook on Monday nights as no one else was home to cook that night. It was easy because I would make dinner and eat before I went to cheer leading practice and have the table set ready for my family when they got home.

By Erin Doupe 9C


At the beginning of April, we decided which activities we would like to do for the skills section of the Duke of Ed Award. I chose cooking as I enjoy cooking and it is a skill that I will need for the rest of my life. My goal was to be able to confidently cook a three course meal.

I made many different dishes throughout the award, mostly sweet and some savoury. My favourite dishes to make were lemon slice and bolognaise sauce. The main skills that I have developed during the award were confidence in using the oven and not questioning myself when I am making a meal. To test our knowledge and skills, Mr Cho organised a mini MasterChef competition between the Duke of Ed chefs.

I believe I have fulfilled my goal well. I love cooking food for my family and I enjoy trying new recipes.

By Madeleine Howell 9C


Cooking as part of the Duke of Edenborough Award was a great experience for me. I learnt heaps of new skills including how to make pastry and ganache. While there were a few mishaps along the way, I had a really fun time and I think that the ‘MasterChef’ challenge at the end of the award was a fantastic way to finish off an already fabulous experience.

By Bianca Gerin  9B






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