Dads and Lads

Our Boys’ Junior School celebrated Fathers’ Day with the annual dads and lads Breakfast and sports mornings.

Stephen Biddulph, in his book “Raising Boys”, talks about the various stages through which boys develop. At age 6-14 he talks about “The Dad Stage”; “At the age of about 6, a boy discovers he is male. He will look around to see how to do “maleness”. His father becomes effectively the primary parent for interest and activity in a boy’s mind.”

We love having the opportunity for many of our dads and adult role models to be involved in our Junior School, and to do so in a  way that sees ‘dads and lads’ working together.

Boys were involved in hands on, class activities, an interactive Assembly, and then went outside for activities.

Thank you to the many dads who were able to join with us, Haidee Wallace, Katy Brumley, Melissa Millett and Deb for setting up and organising the food, and to Alliance for their terrific catering.

Our dads and lads breakfast is always a special occasion for us.

It is also important that our boys can recognise and then deal with their emotions…rather than masking them.

In Monday’s Year 3-6 assembly we spoke about why every day is children’s day!!!! (There were some very unique and original perspectives about why it’s great to be a child!!!) I then shared the Smiling Mind, and Mood Meter, apps with our boys…both are very valuable tools for boys, and indeed all children, when it comes to management of emotions…a key skill in the context of having a Positive Growth Mindset.

A Kenny



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