Curriculum Matters

The end of the school year will see all of our students from Prep to Year 11 receive their Semester Reports in which students and parents receive a summary of their progress to date, feedback on what they have done well and how they can further improve. The content of these reports is a critical element in the academic and overall development of every student as well as our parents’ understanding of it.

At the beginning of next year our secondary students along with students in Years 5 and 6 will be guided to review their reports and set a few key goals based on the feedback of their teachers to help them develop towards self-regulating life-long learners. To aid this process, from the beginning of next year students will have online access to their own reports via the portal in a similar way that parents currently do. This is to facilitate the development of reflective, independent learners who are learning the tools of cyclical review and goal setting that will see them achieve their best and prepare them for a future of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

This is a process that our staff have been modelling through our Peer Partnership professional learning model over the last few years. This process has been further enhanced and next year all teachers and Tintern Grammar will work with a pair, in a team of pairs under the guidance of a coach to examine their practice, set a professional practice and knowledge goal and work towards in during the year with their partner, with a review of progress towards it with their coach at the end of the year. This process was piloted by a group of staff this year and with their help we feel we have an excellent model of a cycle of reflective practice and we are very keen to continue to broaden the opportunities this approach opens for our students.

As we did in first semester and last year, we will not be producing and posting home hard copy reports. Instead, we will produce the same reports, in the same format, as pdf files to be viewed by families online via our Portal.

For families who like to keep a hard copy of their child’s report, these reports can be downloaded to family computers and printed if desired. These reports will be available to families on Wednesday December 14 at 11am and an email will be sent that day to inform you when they are open.

You can also access all of a student’s reports from their time at Tintern Grammar, archived online for your easy reference.

To view these reports, please log in to MyTintern and go to the ‘Parent Services’ tab, then select the ‘Absences, Finance and Reports’ section and login to the Synergetic System. A summary view can be can be found under the ‘Results’ tab and the full pdf version of the reports can be found in the Documents tab. Please be aware that the report screen will take about 20 seconds to load once you log in.

Copies of the current and past reports in PDF format can be found under the ‘Documents’ tab. If you have any issues with logging in to the portal or locating your reports please call the IT helpdesk on 9845 7883 or email An email with a help sheet detailing report access has been sent out to all families of Prep – Year 11 families on Tuesday 6 December 2016.

We hope you find this process straightforward and the reports an informative summation of your child’s achievement and progress this semester as well as useful material to help guide future learning.

As another busy year of teaching and learning (at least in a school context) comes to an end, I hope you all have a refreshing summer break and wonderful holiday season with friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

J McManus2




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