Curriculum Matters


Next week, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will sit the annual ‘National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy’ (NAPLAN) tests. These tests provide practice for students at sitting formal tests and are one source of data for schools and parents to assess the progress of individual students, cohorts and programs against national standards. Our consideration and analysis of NAPLAN assessment data is enriched when we place it alongside other assessment platforms and data including, importantly, teacher-based assessment regimes which cater for different learning styles.

The government has now shifted all NAPLAN testing online and Tintern Grammar students are well placed to complete the NAPLAN tests utilizing the online system, having experienced and become familiar with it as part of the online trialling process during the past few years.

Whilst these test results are useful, and our students always do perform well by national standards, it must be remembered that they are a single snapshot in time, focussing on a few key skills and not the whole picture. Whilst the NAPLAN results can provide broader indicators of learning trends within states and regions, individual and collaborative teacher assessment over time provides a richer and deeper picture of student learning. NAPLAN results are best considered in this wider context.

End-of-semester reporting

Parents are reminded that Semester Reports will be published to families online via our Tintern Grammar Portal. Secondary reports will go live at 3pm on Tuesday 21 June. Instructions for accessing these reports will be emailed to families in the last week of term.

Secondary Program and Subject Selection for 2023

As part of Tintern Grammar’s commitment to ensuring students make informed choices, we are holding two information sessions relating to the options available for our Year 10 and 11 students of 2022.

The first of these sessions, our Guiding your Future event, is scheduled for Wednesday 8 June. This event, designed for current Year 9 and 10 students, will explore how senior subject selection is best informed by an understanding of the senior qualifications on offer at the school and the potential career pathways available to students. Further information will be forthcoming to Year 9 and 10 families regarding this event in the near future.

As a follow up to this evening, a Subject Showcase Evening will be held in Term 3 on Thursday 21 July 2022.  On this second evening, all individual VCE and VET subjects on offer next year will be outlined and subject teachers will be available to answer specific subject-related questions. At this evening Year 9 (2022) students and families are invited to attend a special information session on the possibility of taking a VCE subject in Year 10.

As in previous years, the subject selection process will occur online in late July. Students will be given instructions on how to follow this process in special assemblies at school and details of electives available for selection will be published on the Portal towards the end of this term.

The information sessions mentioned above will assist students to select the most suitable pathway and subject choices for 2023. Individual teachers and our careers counsellors also will be available to assist in this process throughout the timeline outlined.

Alison Bezaire

Director of Studies



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