CREST Projects

At our Assembly on Monday 23 November, we will be acknowledging the efforts of 16 of our Year 5 and 6 boys who have worked independently on their CREST projects (Creativity in Science and Technology). All of the boys worked with persistence and independence  to complete their investigation. As the CREST projects allow students to choose a topic that is of interest to them, there was quite a range of investigations including; the effect of temperature on ‘p’, conductivity of tap water and salt water, Inventing a product to keep cushions in place in cars, so they don’t slip and how much your height changes during the day.

We congratulate the following boys on their work:

Year 5: Max Adam, Elliott Corcoran, Liam Eadie, Mark Evans, Krisshnaa Kannan, Lorcan McCrave, Oscar Webb

Year 6: Craig Bonnington, Adam Choong, Joshua Choong, Kaidan Dalzotto, Oscar De Jong, James Manson, Archer Rostron





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