Crazy Hair Day

On funky hair day you get to wear casual clothes and donate a gold coin. It is great fun! If you are in Years 3-6 you get to do the Grand Prix race, but if you are in Prep – Year 2, you get to drive your remote control car around before the races – James Winduss 

Funky hair day was very fun, especially the Grand Prize event. Archia, James and Heath B were in the races for Year 3. I had lots of fun on crazy hair day! – Ryan Makkar 

Today we got to wear casual clothes to school and go crazy with our hair! We took a $2 coin to school to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. We also got to take our remote control cars to race against other people – Heath Elias

Friday 10 March was a fantastic day in the Boys Junior School. The boys looked smashing with their funky hair styles and casual clothes, not only did they look amazing, they all supported the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave by donating a gold coin and having a sausage or two for lunch.


by Mrs Kylie Newman, Year 3 Teacher



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