Community Work in After School Care

In After School Care we love being able to engage with the wider school community. Over the last couple of years, we have been fortunate enough to be able to do this through the volunteer work that the Middle School students are doing in After School Care.

As part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, we have had the pleasure of being joined by some wonderful students: Lachlan, Natalie, Zoe and Lauren. After School Care caters for students ranging from the Early Learners to Year 6. It is also a very popular program. Therefore, both the staff and the students really appreciate the volunteer work that these students are doing. For our little ones, it is fabulous to have someone to join them in games, help with crafts, read them a book or just spend time chatting. Our older students appreciate the mentoring, conversations and the sports games the Duke of Ed volunteers engage in.

If any students are looking to contribute some volunteer time to After School Care as a part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, please contact Anna Riddell .

by Karen Woosley, ASC Coordinator



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