Collection Day for Year 4

The Year 4 girls had a most exciting day last week.  Each student brought to school a collection of items which they have collected over time.

On Collections Day I felt a little nervous but very excited. The younger children were more attracted to my collection of Build a Bear teddies than the older girls. I found talking to the public quite challenging. It was enjoyable to see all of our parents supporting our special day.

Charlotte Collins

I decided to bring my trophies, certificates, medals and ribbons on Collections Day.

People enjoyed viewing my collection. They asked me a variety of questions, which I was able to answer. It was challenging when I had to adapt my answers when talking to the younger children in the ELC, the adults and the boys. I was pleased that my public speaking skills improved throughout the day. Overall it was a great day.

Ananya Khatry

I enjoyed looking at my classmates collections before the day began. I was a little nervous when I had to give my 30 second speech about my collection of Lego Friends. I think I spoke clearly and made eye contact. When the boys came to view my collection they crowded round my table. It was very challenging to settle them down! I enjoyed Collections Day and found my confidence grew as the day went on.

Chloe Chiu

My collection was a series of Alice Miranda books by Jacqueline Harvey. I really enjoyed interacting with all of the students and parents. It was challenging to have to keep repeating myself without sounding  annoyed. This was an awesome Day

Katherine Howell

We loved having afternoon tea – Rose

I found speaking with the boys challenging – Scarlett

I found it tiring talking and smiling all day – Ella

We were all exhausted –  Melody

This was a challenging day because I am shy – Coco

I was more confident as the day went on – Sophie

It was hard to speak over the loud din!! – Jasmine

I was so happy to speak in English, and feel more confident – Helen

This was a fantastic experience – Ava

A Riddell




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