Christine Ruff (Arndt YG 1986)

Congratulations to Alumna Christine Ruff (Arndt YG 1986) who has just published her first novel, Echoes of Home. The book is based on her family history, which is extremely fascinating, as one as her German descendants was shipped to Australia during the second World War and placed into an internment camp in Tatura in Victoria.

Christine told us that  Echoes of Home is her first, and possibly last novel, “it was a labour of love, taking nine years to complete (whilst working and raising a family) and was done as much for my Mum as for me, to document our family’s unique history before it was forgotten. Although it’s our family’s history, it encompasses a lot more than just one family’s journey.”

Christine has kindly donated an autographed copy of Echoes of Home to the Tintern library, or you can purchase your own copy by contacting the Community Relations Office at Tintern Grammar.



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