Chinese New Year in the ELC

The children in the ELC have embraced the celebrations of Chinese New Year this year. We have read books on the topic, watched videos of dragon dances, created Chinese paper lanterns and made our own ‘red packets’. These small red envelopes contain coins (paper ones for us) and are given to friends and family as a way of wishing them wealth and happiness. The red colour is to offer good luck and ward off evil spirits. Our foyer area is currently decorated with the children’s drawings and paintings of Chinese New Year dragons and the 2016 New Year monkey. We ended the New Year celebrations on Monday with a lantern parade. Many families came to join us and brought a range of traditional Chinese New Year treats for the children to sample. Thanks to all who contributed to the celebrations throughout the New Year period.

by Amanda Cooke
ELC Coordinator
Pre-Prep B Teacher



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