Chaplains Corner

With Christmas now firmly within our sights and festivities everywhere we look, I am particularly looking forward to our Christmas Services on our last day of term.

Our Year 6 students have been rehearsing their Nativity play and our secondary students are getting ready to hear again of the very first Christmas.

Good news is everywhere! Sometimes, like looking for a king in a manger, in the corner of a small town like Bethlehem, we have to look a little harder and really notice the good, the true, the peace and the joy that surrounds us.

One piece of Good News is that as of 2023, we will now have two Faith Captains as part of our Secondary Leaders. I do not believe Tintern has had Faith Captains before, certainly not in the past 20 years, and I am so pleased to announce they are Mimi Coghlan and Isaac Lin, Class of 2023 (pictured above).

What is even more good news is that the suggestion came from the students and I look forward to working with them across the year for our Worship Services and Assembly reflections.

So where is the Good News in your life? Where will you find it? Will it be somewhere you least expect?

Merry Christmas Tintern!




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