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We have just had the pleasure of sharing together in our Foundation Service. A Service each year where we tell our unique Tintern Story, from our humble beginnings in Hawthorn to the thriving school we know today. And through the service we recognise the path that has led us to be who we are. It struck me that when we pray and give thanks it is not for ‘everysome’ so to speak, but everyone, every single person who has built on our foundations and has brought us to today. From the student who is here from ELC three-year-olds to Year 12s, to the exchange students who stay just a few weeks, to the parent who volunteers to help out at the Fair, to the cleaner who comes through each evening and cleans our rooms, to the replacement teacher just here for a few days. Every person who has shared our proud history in ways great and small has built our school. It can sometimes feel that it is only the ‘some’ who are really significant, but I believe that Tintern Spirit speaks louder than that and reaches wider, acknowledging all of who we are and everyone who has contributed towards our great school.



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