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Have you ever asked your children to write a ‘want list’ for Christmas? My kids start their list sometime around June, my son Jacob was kind enough to provide me with a want list and a need list with the amount of each item attached. His idea of what constitutes a need is interesting to say the least…

Other requests on the ‘want’ list this year in my house have included: Logan Paul merchandise, K-pop BTS pyjamas, Journey dolls and al the accessories.

The focus at Christmas easily becomes about getting. What do you want for Christmas? Then after Christmas the first question people will ask is, ‘What did you get for Christmas? We never ask the question, ‘What did you give?’

In the text from the Bible outlining the birth of Jesus, the focus is on Jesus being given to the world. Now for a moment imagine if everyone in the world this Christmas had a heart disposition where we give, the net effect of that is remarkably different to a worldwide disposition of the heart which asks what can I get.

At Christmas, we remember the gift of a baby whose life brought hope and peace to a world in need. We are called to give in such a way that we give in order to bring once again that peace, joy and hope. And just like the gift of Jesus to the world, to truly be a gift, it needs to be given whether the person deserves it or not.

So what will you give this Christmas?



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