Changes to Mathematics learning material for 2016

Parents will notice some changes on the booklist for 2016 relating to Mathematics, primarily attributed to the introduction in 2016 of the Senior Australian Curriculum and the flow-on effect to Middle School preparation.


The Tintern Mathematics department is delighted to announce the success of our e-learning trial of Mathspace in the Middle School. The feedback from students and teachers during the trial has been extremely positive.

Next year, the multi-award winning application Mathspace will be rolled out across Middle School Mathematics classrooms to replace Mathletics. Students will receive 24 hour access. The main features of this video tuition program are:

  • Line-by-line working for each question
  • Live feedback and assistance
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Adaptive learning- questions posed are adjusted in degree of complexity or skill depending on student responses (personalised curriculum).

Teachers and Educational Support are able to easily track the number of questions answered, whether hints were used, mastery of task and time taken.

Essential Mathematics Texts

Next year, a new text/digital/Hotmaths resource will be used throughout the school. In this Australian Curriculum resource, each worked example has an audio version to cater for different learning styles and assist students when at home attempting homework. Additionally at senior level, each question in the text has fully worked solutions for students to access. The Mathematics Faculty sees these features as significant support mechanisms to assist student learning.

by Mr Gary Collins, Head of Mathematics



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