Celebration Evening

On Monday 12 October the Tintern Schools Celebration Evening was held at the Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Clayton.

The evening was a wonderful celebration of the many achievements of our students across 2015. The evening commenced with prelude music from ‘The Lucky Ones’ , ‘House of Dreams’ and ‘Prismatic’, all bands who performed at our Battle of the Bands in Term 3. 

We witnessed outstanding performances from the Tintern Schools Combined Orchestra, who performed The Magic Island by Paul Stanhope; the Tintern Schools Concert Choir, who performed Where Everything is Music by Kathryn Sadler; a reprise from Cabaret, which was staged in Term 1 to packed audiences; the Hillier Flute Ensemble; the Saxophone Ensemble and our Years 7 – 12 students performed a rousing rendition of The Sixies: Music that Rocked The World.  A highlight was the Year 12 Leaving Song, with lyrics by Alfred Kouris and Bailey Pyman. You can watch this performance in the video above. 

I would like to again congratulate our many Compass, Academic Excellence and Overall Excellence prize winners across Years 7 to 11, as well as the Year 12 subject prize winners, all of whose names appeared in the Celebration Evening program.

We now take the opportunity to list below the recipients of Special School Awards who were announced on the evening, but do not appear in the program as they are traditionally kept secret until the evening. Congratulations to the following students (Year 12 unless indicated):

  • The June Ward Trophy for Commitment to Girls Sport – Nicole Davis
  • The Pinnacle Trophy for Commitment to Boys Sport – Brendon Green
  • The Sylvia Walton Trophy for Excellence in Sport – Madeleine Wright (Year 11)
  • The Mei Lyn Wong Award for the School Dux of 2014 – Moya Zhang
  • The Elizabeth Ann Walker Art Encouragement Award – Ella Upe (Year 11)
  • Young Farmers’ Awards – Stephanie McDonald
  • The Friends of Young Farmers Award (The David Wilkinson Award) – Maya Watt (Year 10)
  • The Marisa Sibson Award – Bill Chen (Year 11)
  • The Lyn Bartold Performing Arts Awards – Bailey Pyman and Zoe Stephenson
  • The Friends of Music Awards – Brendon Green and Eunice Tang
  • The Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards – Daisy McMillan (Year 10) and Alfred Kouris
  • The Caltex Best All-Rounder Award – Erin Jones
  • The Wendy McComas Award – Maddison Read
  • The International Students’ Award – Arthur Wong
  • The Southwood Parents Club Award – Bailey Pyman
  • The Tintern Association Award – Chase Young
  • School Awards – Jessie Ashfield, Ananda Chu, Brendon Green, Stephanie McDonald, Matthew Wakeley, Nicholas Walton and Zoe Zhang
  • Chairman’s Award – Eunice Tang
  • School Captains’ Awards – Alfred Kouris and Rachael Sheehan
  • Sylvia Walton Award – Alfred Kouris

by Geoff Connor, Vice Principal – Administration and Students 



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