Celebration Evening

On the 10th of October was one of the most excitingly breathtaking but saddest nights of the year since that was when we said our goodbyes to the year twelves and welcomed the new leaders of the school for 2017 who are about to bring another unique experience to the community. Although, we will no longer have some important people of the community, the leaders who graduated are going to start a new alluring adventure in their life. Who knows when we will cross paths with them again but at least we know that Tintern is sending amazing people out to the world who will spread the compass values.

Throughout the night we enjoyed the lovely and enchanting music from our Tintern orchestra that was produced from students who had worked undoubtedly hard towards it and some of them who are looking into music as a profession. Additionally, students from years 7 to 12 proudly received astonishing accomplishments from their endeavouring work. Such as the compass, academic and overall awards.

This night didn’t only give the parents and staff a chance to acknowledge the achievements of the students and to say our goodbyes, but also to remind us of the unique talents that each person has and how they have contributed and made an ecstatic experience to Tintern.

This was yet another wonderful and unforgettable night.

By Camila Franco 8A



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