Canoe Camp

Eager to change things up from school the group of 15 boys headed on a 22 seater bus to Lake Eildon to take part in a three day canoe camp that started on the 4th of May and ended on the 6th of May. Beginning at The Island, we set up camp there and had an amazing campfire pizza dinner. The next day we took the canoes down to the lake and set off on a 5 km canoeing journey to our last campsite at Owens Hill. On the way there we took in the beautiful scenery around us and simply enjoyed our time, while stopping on the way to have lunch. On the last day of the camp we woke up at 6am to head out on to the water to go for a sunrise canoe. This was the most memorable part of the whole camp. I’ll never forget the sun seeping through the mountains and the leafless trees to warm me on the cold morning. What a way to end the camp. Going on a trip like this together we learnt so much about each other, and through this, we as a group became closer as friends and as classmates. We all learnt new skills, saw things we had never seen and did things we had never done. This will definitely be one of the camps that will be stuck in my mind for many years to come.

by Sahan Kaluarachchi, Year 9



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