Canoe camp at Lake Eildon

On 18 April the Year 9 Outdoor Ed class set off for a wonderful three days canoeing at Lake Eildon. We all shared so many great experiences with each other. Some of the highlights included setting up and sleeping under tarps, building camp fires and sharing a group meal where we all helped to prepare, make and cook calzone style pizzas.

Canoe camp was such an incredible experience for us to build on skills that we had learnt in class. It was a way for us to challenge ourselves as well as a way to build on our skills as a team. We all got to spend lots of time getting to know each other more and sharing stories. Another highlight of camp was the climb up the mountain behind our camp site. Though it was a tough climb, we persevered and took in the beautiful view from the top. We all felt extremely accomplished after we got to see how far we canoed earlier that day. On our last morning at camp, we all braved the early morning and headed out onto the lake in our canoes to watch the sunrise. Watching the sunrise from the lake in the crisp morning air was such a memorable experience, it was definitely worth the early start. This camp was one with many fantastic opportunities and memories that will stay with us forever.

by Meagan Hynson, Year 9



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