Canberra Camp

Chatting to animated comrades on the spacious bus to Canberra. We were enraptured by our surroundings and learned many more things about old and new friends. Our stops at the Murray River and the Dog on the Tuckerbox (Gundagai) enlightened our minds as to the loyalty of a best friend and the royalties of a good reputation! Amber

A jaw-dropping experience and fact-filled galleries at Questacon. Sometimes there are new and extremely interesting galleries. This time they were spiders, and everybody knows that spiders give me the collie wobbles. Lucy

National Museum of Australia is on one of the points of Lake Burley Griffin. The museum used to be a hospital and had some interesting stories that I enjoyed. In Autumn, Bogong Moths would fly up to the mountains and the Aborigines would make a fire, catch the moths, cook, and eat them because they were high in protein. Reese

Buried where they died, all alone, those who lost their lives to protect our country. 102,000 Australian men and women buried, scattered, all around the globe. At the War Memorial we were honoured to place a poppy of blood by a name on the Role of Honour. 

Bus trips each day, listening closely to Mark’s (the Royal Bus Driver) commentary as we drove past different land marks in Canberra. Having fun rushing to fill out our camp books as we drove past the international Embassies in Yarralumla. Aleisha and Maddie

Eagerly consuming as much knowledge as we can. The exhibits at all the venues we visited were packed to the brim with information for us to swallow. Ella

Reflecting, while gazing in the Pool of Remembrance, deep in thought. At the War Memorial, I felt like I was in a temple of soldiers standing strong altogether, in peace. Emma

Reading the letters we wrote to ourselves on our last night at camp. We had written things we were nervous about before coming and some goals that we set for ourselves. Afterwards I enjoyed burning the letter in the campfire to acknowledge that I had conquered my goals. Tahlia

Arriving back home from Canberra after a 10 hour drive. Listening to music and thinking about the exciting week it has been! I couldn’t wait to get home and see my family (including my 2 dogs). It had been the most fun week spending time at different places such as the War Memorial and the Royal Australian Mint with all my friends. Thank you to everyone who made it special. Elise

Year 6A Acrostic Poem

Camping at Warrambui was fun, enjoyable and exciting. It was fun because of the setup of the dome, the food was great and almost like home, it was exciting because of all the space to explore particularly the bush land.

Arriving at Warrambui after a 10 hour bus trip. We were relieved to finally arrive at Warrambui our home for the week.

Navigating our way around Canberra and all the places we visited; like the National Exhibition Centre, Parliament House, the National Museum, the War Memorial, Questacon, Old Parliament House and all the other fun places we hope to visit on a return visit one day.

Busy being in the moment with no time to miss my family or wanting to go back home

Eating up the delicious meals and desserts we had every night at Warrambui and savouring the yummy s’mores by the camp fire.

Robots at the Royal Australian Mint were working in the factories to make all the money in Australia. Titan, Penny and Robbie were crowd favourites.

Relishing the role play at the Parliamentary Education Office and recalled how we spoke confidently whilst pretending to be Senators.

Absolutely thankful to all the teachers who planed this wonderful trip. It was great to be able to spend time together and learn about our federal government.

We hope you enjoy reading our reflections.

by Karen Dang, Year 6 Teacher



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