Caitlin Jensen (YG 2011) to undertake her Masters in Egyptology at Oxford University

Congratulations to Caitlin Jensen (YG 2011) who is currently studying her Masters in Egyptology at Oxford University in England. Caitlin first developed an interest in ancient Egypt when she was 12, when her mum gave her a book on the subject. After graduating Tintern, she attended Monash University completing a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology.

It was one of Caitlin’s dreams to study at Oxford, as it is considered the best in the world for Egyptology. The application process for Oxford was incredibly long – requiring an application to be made a full year beforehand. Caitlin says, “I was sure that I’d failed the interview, but I suspect everyone feels like that. The news came as quite a surprise – I remember I was shellshocked as I calmly told my parents. Their response was very different to mine, they were very excited. Besides myself, only one other person was admitted to this masters program.”



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