Boys’ Middle School Sporting Achievements

Year 7 Sporting Achievements

Throughout Term 3 the Year 7 boys have been introduced into EISM Middle School Sport. We have had some outstanding performances by some Year 7 boys’ teams and also some individual performances from outside of school grounds. To start off, we had our Year 7 Boys’ basketball team was the first year level team in the Middle School to win the Year 7 EISM competition going undefeated through out the term.

Year 8 & 9 Sporting Achievements

As for Year 8 and 9, we’ve had multiple students who have achieved high standards in their sports throughout Term 3. Such as Adam Pica from Year 9 who has just recently won his League Best and Fairest. For Adam to be able to achieve this he had to compete at a high standard throughout the year at a constant rate for each game and rack up the highest number of votes in the league throughout the season. As for one of our Year 8 boys, Kaidin Dalzotto has just competed at his State Swimming carnival where he has achieved three personal bests.

Our Year 8 and 9 boys combined as one team in the EISM division sport, as we have limited students in our Middle School. This meant we had a slight disadvantage to other major sporting schools such as Luther and Aquinas but this didn’t seem to bother our boys as they had a pretty successful two terms of sport. The Year 8 and 9 Boys Table Tennis A ended up 4th, Boys Soccer finished 4th, Boys Badminton finished 3rd and our Boys Football team finished in the middle of the ladder. All our teams had an outstanding few terms and I would like to thank all the coaches and students on their efforts this year.

by Paul Haasbroek, School Sports Captain



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