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The middle years are challenging! I know this is stating the obvious, but it’s true. They are without a doubt some of the most challenging years of our lives and as adults we can forget that. Sometimes we are guilty of expecting behaviours, actions, responses, to situations from our 13 – 15 year old boys that would be befitting of an adult like response. This isn’t always possible – because they are still ‘kids’! Being an adolescent is challenging and this has been the focus in assemblies and pastorally over the last couple of weeks – Challenge.

Our Year 7 and 8 boys were privileged to see a performer by the name of Bernard Mangakahia recently and his show; Spirit of Polynesia. This performance was about life, family, happiness and challenges. He talked to the boys and girls about how important family is and about knowing your history and where you have come from. One of the stronger messages he talked about was challenges. He talked about how as we grow we are continually faced with different challenges and that it is important to take on these challenges when they are there in order to learn and improve.

Please click here for a student’s perspective written by Mitch Wooller.

This was followed up in our recent Boys Middle School assembly where we continued the theme of challenges and the importance of our boys understanding that life is sometimes tough and that they each challenge is an opportunity to learn and to get better.

On Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October we had our Year 9 and 10 Co-Production. This is an event that has been months in the making and culminated in two fantastic performances by our students. These are the types of activities that I would encourage any student to get involved in as it is a wonderful opportunity to improve skills such as performing in public, speaking, voice projection, but above all it provides many students with an opportunity to interact with others they may not necessarily and to also build lasting friendships. It was a great show with many of our Year 9 boys involved.

On Tuesday 20 October we had our Boys Swimming carnival here at school. It was a fantastic day that highlighted many wonderful things about our boys. Firstly, we have some very strong swimmers in the school, hence our success at the state level, but also the enthusiasm and support from everyone. The attendance on the day was brilliant with almost all boys participating and helping to achieve points for their House. Even boys who were injured or unable to swim for some reason were there to support and help out on the day. A big congratulations to Dann Watt House who won the championship this year with Gordon Grant very close behind.


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