Boys’ Middle School News

Despite enjoying the holidays (and I mean really enjoying the holidays), there is nothing better than having the energy and excitement that the Middle School boys bring with them when they return to school. The corridor is now filled with the laughter, the accidental bumping and the noise that it misses whilst the holidays are happening. It was great to welcome our Year 7 boys along with our new Year 8 and 9 boys back on the first Tuesday, allowing them a bit of extra time to settle into school before everybody returned on the Wednesday.

2017 is the year in which Tintern celebrates its 140th year as a school and there will be many events throughout the year that help celebrate the journey the school has been on since Mrs Emma B Cook formed the school in Hawthorn in 1877. Our Foundation Assembly held on the 10th of February was the first of many important events. 2017 also provides the opportunity for our boys to set new goals, to have new dreams and ideas, and to be challenged both personally and academically. I am really excited to see what our Middle School boys can achieve both for themselves and as a collective this year.

I re-read a great book over the holidays by Dr Arne Rubinstein called ‘The Making of Men’ (highly recommended) and in it he refers to the benefits of giving boys rites of passage during the adolescent years and how this can help them to navigate their way through the challenging years of pre and post puberty. He also talks about the importance of having a tribe mentality and this can provide them with a sense of belonging, a sense of acceptance and as being a part of a great team. This is something that throughout the year we will be reinforcing with the boys in terms of them understanding that they are a part of a number of great tribes here at school; their pastoral group first and foremost, their year level next, their House and then as a member of our wonderful Middle School. They have done a fair amount of work already in their pastoral groups which will also be extended this term when each year level ventures out on their respective camps.

The first House event this year for our boys is the athletics carnival on Friday 24th of February at Bill Stewart Athletics Track in East Burwood. This is a wonderful day for all students from Year 7 to Year 12 with a fantastic sense of fun, excitement, competition and House (tribal) spirit. As parents you are all very welcome to attend the event as we would love you to come and help support and encourage your boy and all other competitors.

On Tuesday the 7th we held our Middle School information evening and I’d like to thank all families who were able to attend. The turnout was excellent and it provided an opportunity for you as a parent to meet your son’s Pastoral Mentor and hear some information about the year ahead. I understand that there were a few families who were unable to attend and I encourage you to touch base with your son’s Pastoral Mentor and/or Level Co-ordinator should you desire as they will be a key person in the journey of your boy throughout 2017. The list of staff are as follows:

I’d like to wish everyone every success for 2017 and I look forward to watching our Middle School boys continue to grow into the fine young men they are becoming.



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