Boys’ Middle School News

As the holidays approach and Term 1 nears the end, it’s important that the boys take an opportunity to have some downtime. I’ve read somewhere that the human brain can sometimes be compared to a washing machine as it tumbles and tosses all the information that it is endlessly presented with from every direction. This is certainly the case in today’s world with the busyness of our students during their school days due to normal classroom activities, the many wonderful co-curricular activities that are available to them, their normal social and other activities calendar, and of course the ‘always-on’ smartphone generation that they currently are. Kids of today are getting less and less time to unwind and this has shown to be detrimental to proper brain function and health. We all need time to unwind, reflect and sometimes just do nothing! Kids even more so. Sure there is benefits to them refreshing over Term 1 work from their subjects and being prepared and ready for Term 2, but at the same time they need to ensure that they have adequately recharged their mental batteries so that their brain is ready to perform at its optimum when needed. Some simple ideas to consider over the coming holidays might be going for a walk in the bush or along a beach (no phones), helping mum or dad to paint the house (if you dare) or going to either meditation or yoga classes with mum or dad; there are many ways that will help our boys unwind and recharge. Make sure you find some time to enjoy it with your boys as well.


We have just completed the school production of Oklahoma and it was amazing. One of the best parts about it was the opportunity to be involved in something so huge, with so many kids, teachers and other people who helped make it possible. The rehearsals started at the start of term four last year and didn’t stop right until the show was running. For a while you didn’t know how it would turn out but when everything comes together on the big stage it’s the best feeling. As a middle school boy there are so many great people in the school that we never really get to meet, but in the production everyone is mixed so it’s great to meet so many new people that you really wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise. You also get to socialise with the girls which is another rare occurrence but definitely a good one. Overall getting to meet so many new people like the girls and senior college people is an amazing experience one that I’m looking forward to having again next year.

Article by Fintan McCrave, Year 8

Year 7 Term 1

The Year 7 boys have had an action-packed term, learning the new routines of secondary school and having many opportunities to experience new things. They have settled into attending four or five subjects each day and are now very familiar with their teachers and navigating around the school. Utility has focused on organisation and more recently on the Camp which is during the last week of Term 1. The Cathedral Service, Athletic Sports, a presentation from The Poverty Project group and swim trials have also been highlights in what has been a very full and fun term.






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