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Happy New Year to our Tintern community and welcome to what is going to be a fantastic school year in 2020. A special welcome to all the new families that are joining Tintern this year – I do hope that your journey with us is an exciting and fulfilling one.

Over the recent holidays we have seen some very unfortunate situations arise with the devastating bushfires throughout New South Wales and the eastern parts of Victoria. Having lived the experience myself during the Black Saturday fires on my parents farm, my heart goes out to all those affected by the fires and our prayers and thoughts are with them. It was great to see our student leadership team immediately jump into action with an event on Friday 7th aimed at raising money to donate to those in need following the fires, human and animal alike.

Another unforeseen circumstance over the holidays was the development and spread around the world of the Coronavirus, timed with the beginning of the school year here in Australia. The now closing of flights in and out of China and the self-isolation requests placed by the school has seen a delayed start by many of our boys and girls. We still have a good number of students who are currently in China and unable to return to Australia for some time. As a school, we are very grateful for the response and support by the community for those Tintern families affected by this. Hopefully in the not too distant future all families are able to return to Australia and to the classroom.

Last year was another great year for our Year 12 graduating class. Their combined VCE and IB results again reinforced our position as the number one academic school in this outer eastern region, but when placed alongside the other attributes our students develop in their time here at Tintern, these students are leaving our campus prepared to make a difference in this world. For a full rundown on the results follow this link to our website [].

Our annual Foundation Service was held on Friday 7th February and as always it is a wonderful way to start the year. With students from Year’s 2 – 12, along with staff, families, alumni, past staff and other special guests, the service included reference to our 143 year history, the Hawthorn era, moving to Ringwood East, Southwood Boys Grammar and of course the Tintern Grammar years. A highlight for me is the presentation of our Year 7s as the Class of 2025, and to see them nervously tiptoe up on stage, with shiny shoes and oversized blazers to shake hands with our Principal and collect a Class of 2025 badge. This is hopefully something they can remember fondly when they are eventually farewelled on the same stage in 2025.

This year the theme across the school is “Strive.” This is something that has been highlighted to students already as being the “ability to make great efforts to achieve something”. The message is about working hard to achieve something, be it in the classroom, on the stage, on the sporting field or other, and around the level of satisfaction and fulfilment that can come from this. For our boys in the Middle School this year there will be an emphasis placed on their ability to strive for their personal best. Be it in the classroom or in co-curricular opportunities, pushing our boys to always being able to reflect on their efforts as being the best they could do. They will be encouraged to take up opportunities to be challenged academically, to participate in many exciting co-curricular opportunities and to be guided as they grow up into great young men.

Our pastoral program utilises resources from The Resilience Project, The Man Cave, SALT (Sport and Life Training), plus lots, lots more, and is aimed at working hand-in-hand with our parent community to raise these young men up into great men. The partnership between school and family is crucial, especially as these boys move into and beyond the adolescent years.

The annual Trivia Night is on Saturday 29 February. This year will have more games and a Silent Auction arranged by the Green Team and Social Justice Group. Book via

From all the staff at Tintern, especially those working with the boys in the Middle School, I wish you all the very best for 2020. Please never hesitate to contact the school through your son’s Pastoral Mentor, Year Level Co-ordinator, or class teacher if you have questions or queries about anything to do with school or the development of your son.




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